Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight!

I just expected everything to be slow; this whole foster/adopt process. Getting our license took a long time, however, a large part of that was on us because of my wanting to work as much of this year as possible. And I just assumed that once we were licensed and on the list, that it would just take time. I mean, our adoption agency hadn't done a placement in WEEKS when we were added to the list. Then, two weeks after being on the list (and already getting two previous calls that didn't work out for various reasons) we were placed with the newborn baby girl. As mentioned in my previous post, she could and DID get placed with an Aunt. While it was only 12 days with baby girl, it was 12 blessed and great days and we cried our eyes out when she left.
Losing them is part of it and is expected. You have to go in knowing you will get hurt. We managed to put back on our big girl/boy panties and trudge on. TWO days later, we get the next call. ANOTHER newborn. This time, a little boy...and I mean little, he was born at 34 weeks! Again, I am just gushing with love and excitement for this little one. How in the world were we blessed with TWO sweet, angel newborn babies?! So far, it looks like he will be with us for a few months at least and possibly forever (oh how I can only hope!). I just can't kiss him enough and I'm sure he's already like, 'mom, puhleeze, back it up', but I don't care, he's just gonna have to deal with it!
But wait, there's more! Along the way, we've been submitting ourselves for some legal risk adoptions. These are adoption placements where parental rights are 99% sure to be terminated, but of course there is always that chance, so hence the 'risk' part...risk of a broken heart. However, they like to move these kids to an adoptive placement so that bonding and attachment can begin. We were told that we could submit for as many as we liked and that it was a good idea to submit on several as these are broadcasted all across the state of Texas, meaning LOTS of people will be submitting.
On Tuesday, Buckner contacted us to let us know that we were selected as a top 3 for one of these placements! Now, that doesn't mean we get him, just that we are in the running with two other families. It then goes to staffing with the foster family, CPS, adoption case workers, etc. and they try to pick No. 1. Then, No. 1 will get to read through all of the files and make a decision on yes or no. So, we are in consideration at the moment.
But wait, there's more! We were then contacted on Friday because we have been selected as a top three for ANOTHER kid (baby). Seriously?! Staffing for both boys is on Tuesday so Buckner will have to get caseworkers in both as the boys files are being discussed.
So, we could be looking at none, one, or even BOTH! And of course, we still have baby boy, 'Mr. T.' here with us. Could be some big decisions at the end of the week for us as this good be our forever family! Again, I'm still in shock at all of the 'possibilities' so quickly when I expected a whole lot of silence and 'wait and see'. We may be seeing lots of blue after this week :)

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